Accessing Your AdWords Competitor’s Ad Copy is Easy…

…And Immediate. Here’s How it Works.

Now your campaign can be optimized and profitable the minute you launch iconSpyFu Ad History opens the vault on your competitor’s every move over the last year, so you can cash in on their efforts. You will spot money-makers and flops in an instant (thanks to a simple at-a-glance design). Then, grab the exact ad copy that brought them business so you have no doubt about what converts more sales.

From the moment you sign up, you will have immediate access to your competition’s best converting ads that make you money. That means there is nothing standing between you and high performing keyword-and-ad copy combinations that capture sales.

With other services, you’d have to have subscribed for the past year to get as much history. SpyFu Ad History gives you the full year the minute you subscribe!

Ad History examples

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