Release notes: SpyFu v4.1 is live!

Posted on: December 12, 2017

** Bugs fixed
* [SF-17981] – *sitewide* UK cached pages seem to be the US links
* [SF-17990] – “Export Selected” exports blank spreadsheet
* [SF-17991] – Tornado Chart Labels and Removed Results Overflow Container
* [SF-18006] – SEO Overview – Kombat Venn doesn’t filter
* [SF-18007] – Top Section, Competitor AdWords/Keywords missing empty state?
* [SF-18009] – Domain overview empty state issues
* [SF-18011] – Related Keywords – SEO Difficulty seems to do weird things to the layout.
* [SF-18016] – Sorting by overlap or common keywords removes primary domain
* [SF-18021] – group details rollup click change sparkline is missing
* [SF-18022] – IAA (domain) seems to retain the previous query if the new query doesn’t have any paid data.
* [SF-18030] – Top Lists: Sorting by Rank or Monthly Budget breaks layout
* [SF-18032] – Check all box doesn’t update its own state
* [SF-18042] – Recon Wizard: clicking “previous” on step 2 prevents future “enter” keybindings
* [SF-18051] – URL Overview social widget doesn’t work
* [SF-18053] – Update tornado chart, and persist filter via query string
* [SF-18265] – Hotdog nav is off the page
* [SF-18268] – Keyword overview IAA widget breaks if you viewed full keyword IAA first

* [SF-18303] – Sorting thrice (desc, asc, no sort) on a col doesn’t return to original sort
* [SF-18304] – Changing segments, throttled rows on top
* [SF-18330] – Stashed header doesn’t line up with table data
* [SF-18334] – Kombat chart renders poorly in Firefox
* [SF-18337] – keyword links are wrong
* [SF-18348] – Keyword Overview: “Top AdWords Buy Recommendations” has “Add” buttons when logged out

* [SF-18147] – Remove character limit for ad copy in ad history

** Improvement
* [SF-18102] – Homepage – search input should be the URL input type
* [SF-18117] – IAA appears to have no error state
* [SF-18127] – Ad History: “Select All/None” should be stateful
* [SF-18129] – MSF Integration: “Add Multiple” button should only show to users who are logged in
* [SF-18138] – Domain Top Lists, no error state
* [SF-18885] – Sidebar, bottom segment is too tall
* [SF-18893] – SEO Overview – Top Section, some panels missing tooltips
* [SF-18900] – Subscription page needs a loading state
* [SF-18909] – SEO Groupie: Column Header tooltips cover the table

Release notes: SpyFu v4.0 is live!

Posted on: December 6, 2017

Major site improvements in speed and UI. Mobile responsiveness.

Overhaul to Ad History design and performance.

Tackled bugs and added improvements:

* [SF-18886] – Keyword Details –> Chart should have a watermark.
* [SF-18887] – Convert grid and button components to be functional
* [SF-18889] – Import Keywords –> Hitting enter in dropdown should create item
* [SF-18890] – Create Project –> Enter in inputs should submit
* [SF-18891] – Tooltip components don’t display multi-line text well
* [SF-18892] – Related Keywords is missing empty and error states
* [SF-18894] – Contact Details –> Move action dropdown doesn’t dismiss
* [SF-18895] – Contact Details –> Bio and Website shouldn’t have horiz scroll bars
* [SF-18896] – MSF Integration Improvement – Users who cross their limits
* [SF-18897] – Contact List –> list is sorted differently than live.
* [SF-18898] – Many places link to fake/partial mainpurchase
* [SF-18899] – Labels List –> Delete button persists after deleting label
* [SF-18901] – Keyword cell’s url is wrapping to a new line instead of handling overflow
* [SF-18902] – Recon report settings need certain user permissions.
* [SF-18903] – Create project keeps last domain name and gives wrong error message
* [SF-18904] – Labels List –> No filtered empty state
* [SF-18905] – Groups List –> Rank Changes are inverse of what they should be
* [SF-18906] – Wizard improvements
* [SF-18908] – Website Details –> Discovered Contacts show pointer icon on whole row, not just actions
* [SF-18911] – All Projects State, Sidebar should say all projects rather than being blank
* [SF-18912] – Panels showing footers in empty state
* [SF-18913] – Domain Overview Ad History – Render 5 rows instead of all or 25.
* [SF-18914] – Top Section Panels Misaligned
* [SF-18915] – Hide live chat link on mobile
* [SF-18916] – Account Request Keywords has a todo left behind
* [SF-18918] – Kombat empty state shouldn’t include side/bottom panel
* [SF-18919] – Domain Overview Ad History – Panel footer component is outside the widget
* [SF-18920] – PDF Export notification is behind MSF Panel
* [SF-18922] – Update the 404/500 pages
* [SF-18923] – Scrollspy / Hotdog can overlap footer, looks bad
* [SF-18924] – Ad History revisions
* [SF-18925] – Account Settings – MSF Alerts Empty State
* [SF-18926] – Recon – Apply loading state when switching between filters
* [SF-18927] – Product Pages – Scroll to Search
* [SF-18928] – Last step places in odd MSF state
* [SF-18929] – Header Improvements
* [SF-18931] – Header – US / UK neither selected until on app
* [SF-18933] – Recon link goes to blank page with header/footer
* [SF-18934] – MSF Outreach Contact Create – Social media account improvement
* [SF-18935] – Styling Issues
* [SF-18936] – HQ Invoices link has TODO pop-up alerts
* [SF-18939] – Profitable Related Keywords Widget Improvements
* [SF-18941] – HQ Top 3 widget spinner / alignment issues
* [SF-18942] – SERP Analysis – Default sort for Rank (Change) causes the caret to render, thus messing up the table header
* [SF-18943] – Keyword Details – Paid Tracking chart issues
* [SF-18944] – PPC Comp, should not have Google Updates checked by default
* [SF-18945] – User Flow Pain: Setting up a group manually
* [SF-18946] – First 10 results should show social metrics
* [SF-18947] – Stashed / Pinned Header improvements
* [SF-18949] – Revert the responsive nature of MSF. It should be static width.
* [SF-18950] – Improve performance of <sf-checkbox> and <sf-table-checkbox-cell>
* [SF-18951] – Styling Issues
* [SF-18952] – List Builder children don’t have prev/next buttons on bottom
* [SF-18953] – Shows no results / empty state briefly while loading grid
* [SF-18955] – RH Segment changes should set y-axis rather than persisting
* [SF-18956] – Custom Top Lists doesn’t highlight nav in certain situations
* [SF-18957] – PDF Export using invalid icon
* [SF-18958] – /outreach/custom-top-lists 404s on hard req.
* [SF-18960] – logging in from uknext redirects to 404
* [SF-18961] – Import Wizard: Fake loader improvement
* [SF-18962] – Import Wizard: Weird interaction post import
* [SF-18963] – Duplicate filter buttons in the header
* [SF-18964] – Interaction Concern: Adding keywords from an action button improvements
* [SF-18965] – Make title match current sort
* [SF-18966] – Competitors Modal –> Text area size messed up
* [SF-18967] – Keyword Details –> Sorting can get messed up
* [SF-18968] – Competitors – Error state

Release notes: SpyFu v3.71 is live!

Posted on: November 13, 2017

Major updates:
* New member perk to try 30-days of DigitalMarketer Lab for $1
* Improved Related Keywords matching algorithm to favor results in the same industry

Release notes: SpyFu v3.7 is live!

Posted on: November 3, 2017

Major updates:
* Fixed an issue with exporting large grids to PDF

API updates:
* Added code samples for Project Manager API and improved parameter descriptions

Release notes: SpyFu v3.68 is live!

Posted on: October 24, 2017

Major updates:
* Improved error feedback when updating password
* Fixed issue where Related Keywords grid would sometimes duplicate the top keyword
* Drastically improved Related Keywords search filtering and grid sorting

API updates:
* Added new endpoints for historical organic domain clicks and budget (

Release notes: SpyFu v3.69 is live!

Posted on: October 13, 2017

API updates:

* Added a new Project Manager API. You can develop tools that bring our project management into your own platform. Manage your links and contacts for a domain, and organize your custom keyword groups. (
* Added new endpoints inside the API for historical domain organic rankings and paid ads (

Release notes: SpyFu v3.67 is live!

Posted on: September 27, 2017

Major updates:
* Improved cost per month estimate for Related Keywords
* Fixed sorting issue for Related Keywords grid
* Improved keyword suggestions for Related Keywords with many filters active

Release notes: SpyFu v3.66 is live!

Posted on: September 20, 2017

Major updates:
* Fixed an issue with monthly invoice email giving a link to the wrong month for older customers

MySpyFu updates:
* Improved the Outreach Websites/Links grids to highlight the project they belong to
* Fixed an issue when moving Outreach Links between projects
* Fixed an issue with editing Outreach Contact’s website list
* Fixed an issue with deleting Outreach Contact’s email addresses

Release notes: SpyFu v3.65 is live!

Posted on: September 6, 2017

Major updates:
* Fixed an issue with SEO Keywords subtotals using global search volume instead of local metrics

Release notes: SpyFu v3.64 is live!

Posted on: September 1, 2017

Major updates:
* Added examples to Related Keywords API documentation to include/exclude sites and keywords
* Fixed graphical issue with Kombat charts