Release notes: SpyFu v3.46 is live!

Major updates:
* Added missing navigation for Interactive AdWords Advisor product page
* Fixed graphical issue on Domain Overview when there are 0 paid keywords
* Fixed an issue with Kombat sometimes displaying previous query’s keywords
* Improved the performance of Keyword Interactive AdWords Advisor
* Added new tooltips to Domain and Url Overviews
* Fixed an issue where the Recon creation wizard was sometimes unable to finish
* Fixed an issue where the Recon creation wizard would prompt users to log in on every step
* Improved the log in window for Keyword Tracking page
* Fixed an issue with SEO Overview charts that would cut off the last month

MySpyFu updates:
* Fixed an issue with certain navigation steps preventing page reload
* Fixed an issue with Keyword Universe that would prevent some of the keyword metrics from showing