B2B Leads: Make sure you knock on the right doors

Let’s acknowledge the obvious. There’s a lot of work that goes into new sales. With all of these “Hey, we’re making it easier” tips, it was worth saying. “Knocking on doors,” selling yourself (and getting the close) take skill and guts. Our part is making it easier for you by leading you to the right doors to knock on.

If you’re looking at two groups of companies—one has never used AdWords, and the other throws at least some money at it—which group is more appealing? I’m not trying to lead you to answer one way or the other. Every agency or rep will answer differently. And that’s why you have this option.

For the sake of the example, let’s say you design and optimize landing pages as your business. You think, “Sure, someone who spends at least $500 each month in AdWords would be open to creating specific landing pages for all of their ad groups.”

Our tip: set minimum AdWords budgets to make sure you’re talking to the right companies. You’re qualifying them upfront before you even reach out to them. That lets you focus your efforts on a group that’s more likely to take you up on your offer vs. others that will tell you they don’t need your services. It’s like warming up the lead and then turning them into prospects.

With SpyFu Leads, you can decide minimum starting points or cap the top end. Don’t forget the custom range where you can enter a combination of minimum and maximum limits.

SpyFu custom ad budget filter range

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