Create tighter ad groups automatically

Start with Keyword Groupie: it automatically sorts a domain’s full keyword list into groups that inspire targeted ad group ideas.  The results are packaged into tighter groups for better manageability and testing.

Details: Start with Keyword Groupie

1.       Select the “start with a domain” tab on the Keyword Groupie page. Use the Groupie tab or go to Enter the domain you’d like to sort.
2.       The results are broken into two tabs: the domains organic and paid keywords.
All Keyword List for paid keywords
3.      Choose any group and click to open it in the interactive grid.  This allows you to sort and define criteria. You can search your current keywords for a specific word to focus your group even further.  It will show only the keywords from your group that have that specific word.
Sorting keywords by match types
4.       Click the box on the left of any keyword to select it. From here, you can export the keywords you choose into targeted ad groups automatically.

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