Create Ad Variations for Testing

Start with Ad History: a year’s worth of ads on any keyword or by any domain is a rich source of ad copy variation ideas.

Details: Start with Ad History

  1. Enter your ad’s keyword as your starting point. Enter it into the search bar in or SpyFu’s Ad History.
  2. Scroll down a little on the results page, export all ad variations using the link to the right.Exporting profitable related keywords in SpyFu
  3.  Review the Title and Body columns of the export for ideas that will help you build ad variations.
  4. Take it a step further by selecting the ad copy variations that have worked best for your competitors, and use the leading phrases and lines to power your own ads. There’s more on this step in the recommended reading below. (Create 100 Different Ad Variations in 5 Minutes)

Recommended Reading

Create 100 Ad Variations in 5 Minutes

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