Serve Up a Site’s Best AdWords Keywords with Domain Ad History

Just by singling out a competitive domain, you can tell the difference between campaign filler and the keyword/copy combinations that will bring you conversions.

How is it different from SpyFu Main?

A very basic idea started SpyFu.  Type a competitor’s site in the search bar.  Capture the keywords this domain advertises on.

Enter Domain

The immediate results show you the current landscape for this domain.

  • What are they doing now?
  • How much are they spending this month?
  • How many clicks do they get currently?

Knowing their latest stats and habits allows you to strategically bid against them and advertise on competitive keywords.

How do you improve on that?

Instead of expanding to broad information on the domain’s SEO keywords, content, etc., we’re diving deeper into their most profitable ads and keywords.  SpyFu’s Ad History takes everything you have come to rely on for competitive intelligence — and packs it with more informative layers of proof and testimonials.  From the results page that opened when you typed your domain into the search bar, just scroll down to the domain’s “Most Profitable Ads and Keywords.”

End the confusion of determining the most actionable keywords…

Now instead of seeing the keywords a domain advertises on today, you get the keywords they have had in their lineup during the last 6 years.  This history opens the door to understanding the keywords and ad copy combinations that the domain relies upon most in its campaign.

You also spot keywords that lasted just a short while so that you can learn what fell flat and avoid wasting your money on those terms.  This makes it clear which direction to follow.

Just one clicks gives you the exact ads that each keyword triggered so that the keyword-to-copy connections are instantaneous.  This is important because the right ad copy for a keyword delivers conversions that make all of this worth your while.  And if you’re not going to do it right, you might as well not do it at all.

See it in action