Easily organize keywords into targeted groups

Your keywords can come from multiple sources: Google suggest, SpyFu tools, clients, in-the-shower a-ha moments, and even other tools. We believe that organizing them into targeted groups is so important that we’ve made it easy for you to load them in and let us do the tedious work. Give us a list of keywords, and we will delete duplicates, add valuable data (like costs and searches), and organize them into groups. Watch the video for a better idea of how this helps improve your quality score in PPC and drive your content creation in SEO.

There are simple steps that explain how to use the grouping tool when you get to the page. If you’d like details and instructions that are a little more in-depth, try this written article for help.

  • Sherm Stevens

    This is not a real tutorial. It’s a great overview, but how about showing specific steps on how to do each of these things?

    • AgentSidra

      Fair point, Sherm. Some people prefer the video style where they can follow visuals and start/stop the player. Most of those cues are at/after the 1:20 point. However if you prefer a set of written steps, the articles are indeed a better format. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll update the video text with a link to the article, too. http://resources.spyfu.com/well-built-ad-groups-roi-darlings/