Introduction to Selling SEO

We here at SpyFu found that many of our customers were interested in selling their SEO better. That’s why they came to SpyFu, for the tools needed to land those big clients. But sometimes that’s not all you need to get the winners. You can hand a client the best data available, but if you can’t sell it, you’re not going to see that contract. We decided that it was high time that someone worked on a definitive guide for selling SEO. Guidelines, suggestions, and real plans on how to communicate your purpose and land your client.

SellSEO_ratingBut let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe such a guide existed somewhere and we just hadn’t found it. To that end, we put ourselves on task, hunting down every scrap of information we could get our hands on. We searched for articles on everything from explaining SEO, to reeling in customers and keeping those customers happy, to talking to customers in different demographics or situations. When we found something we liked, we added it to a master list for review by our team.

Master List

Once compiled, we then read every single one and separated out the good from the bad from the confusing. Using a team of seven, we summarized, ranked, and discussed each article for its merits and topics. Then, once we agreed on where we stood on each subject, we separated out the best articles to form our “Top List” section, giving you easy access to the best of the best.

Proving SEO Value Beyond ROI

Selling SEO Consulting

Best Resources for SEO Consultants

Even with all this work, we found that there just…isn’t too much out there. You would think it was some sort of magic at work to land clients. There’s a real need for guides Sell_seo-ponyand definitive strategies that aren’t just plain vague. We understand why they are so general and non-specific; a lot of the authors of these articles sell SEO themselves. If they gave away their super special secrets, they might lose business to other people who are suddenly just as savvy as they are!

But we don’t have that problem at SpyFu! In fact, teaching you to sell more SEO is in our best interest. So while we have curated what is available, with helpful summaries and categories so you can find exactly what you need without having to sort through the over-abundance of similar articles as we did, we’re also aiming to create new content. This content will be aimed at giving the best advice available on all areas of SEO, from cold calling to maintaining clients, and more.