Keyword Groupie 2 does the grunt work of campaign set-up

There are tedious parts of campaign set-up that you’d rather hand off to someone else.  But if it’s not done right, you could be paying more for matches than you have to, or your best keyword ideas get lost in the shuffle.  Keyword Groupie 2 takes charge of the tasks but gives you options for setting up your campaign the most effective way possible.

If you want something done right, you don’t have to do it yourself anymore.  The new Keyword Groupie is designed to group your keywords like a take-charge assistant. You get options, but you don’t have to agonize over the details.

Groupie sets up keyword groups that follow your preferences.  Grouping them by similar words might be the best SEO approach, but for PPC, choose the keyword groups built on suggested match types so you can tighten your keyword lists.


Video Transcript:

This is you, yet another stick person in another video that assumes that you don’t know the first thing about PPC, SEO, or the internet.
But this isn’t you, is it.
You’ve researched your keywords.
You’ve scoured the far reaches of the internet and used multiple tools to build your keyboards.
You’ve dreamt about your list, sang about it in the shower, and you don’t need animated text or a shiny white background to show you how to do your job.
You have built a keyword list that would challenge the gods.
And now that you have that master list, what next.
You have to organize, delete duplicate, and add valuable data to this list.
That doesn’t seem too hard, and it’s not, and actually that’s the problem.
This middle organizational process is long.
It’s tedious and quite frankly, it’s beneath you.
Because you’re not a stick person.
You’re more like a stick guru, and you want to use all your stick guru powers for actually taking action with all of your research .
SpyFu has solved these problems, introducing Keyword Groupie 2, the only tool on the internet that will take your giant messy set of keywords and make them organized and actionable in minutes.
Based on a list of keywords and let SpyFu break it down for you.
It will automatically add keyword data like search volume and CPC, automatically delete duplicates from your list, and have them ready for export to Excel or other formats.
And you can stop right there if you’d like.
Bam, there’s your list.
It’s de-duped with data and ready to be exported into Excel.
The middle step is eliminated.
Go forth with your sweet, sweet list of keywords.
Or you could take advantage of Groupie’s full power and let us organize the entire fracking list for you.
This will take your giant list of keywords and automatically place them into groups for you.
You can have the list grouped by words, providing an amazing platform from which SEOs can write content around.
It can also be exported to CSV with the structure intact, which means you finally have all of your keywords with all of their data organized to make your content writing and direction easy.
You can also group by compact phrase match, which takes a list of PPC keywords and reduces down to a more sophisticated list of phrase match and modified broad match words.
This gives you a smaller, more manageable list that still includes all of your keyboards, meaning more impressions and less headaches.
You can also track your keyword rankings weekly right on SpyFu, or export it to Google AdWords.
So remember, you’re not a stick person and you don’t deserve to do a stick person’s work.
Take action with your keywords and let us do the rest.