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What is Keyword SmartSearch? How Does it Help Me? Where Do I Start?

What is Keyword SmartSearch?

SpyFu’s Keyword SmartSeach generates well-crafted keyword lists filtered to your exact specifications.

Guaranteed to be better than Google at suggesting keywords.

SpyFu Keyword SmartSearch tool

Since we already know which sites are paying top dollar to rank high on these keywords, we can follow their steps to suggest keywords. That’s a bigger vote of confidence than just a simple “similar keyword” setting. Arming you with relevant suggestions is important. Customizing the keywords to your needs is crucial. Because we collect such extensive information on these search terms, you can cut right to the chase. Tell us the standards your keywords need to meet:

  • Demand and popularity – set the search volume criteria
  • Budget – Suit your cost per click range so we’re not sending you down the wrong path

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