Grab the Best Keywords Now With a 6-Way Kombat Fight!

6way01SpyFu Kombat is pretty darn engaging, if I do say so myself. It has an easy-to-maneuver interface, gets right to the point, and illustrates exactly which keywords you need to grab right now. It’s fantastic, and we love Kombat like apple pie, but there are times you need to expand it just one step further.


Pretend you’re Eager to boost your t-shirt sales even further, you turn to Adwords with a mind to capitalize on some competitive keywords and bring in fresh traffic. You are aiming for keywords that your competitors tested for you, but let’s not waste time duplicating phrases you already advertise on.

Taking your own keywords out of the equation? That sounds like a Kombat job. But let’s make it interesting and add a few more hoops to jump through.

Here’s the kicker. We already know that you certainly don’t want to duplicate your own site’s keywords. However, you recently borrowed ideas from, so let’s make sure they are out of the equation, too.

And just like how we learned that comparing 3 domains is better than 2 for consensus on the most competitive keywords, the incredible variety of keywords covered in the t-shirt business calls for 4 domains to be added to the mix.

Were you keeping score? That brings the tally to:

  •      4 domains to compare (or “overlap” in Kombat)
  •      2 domains to exclude

Six total domains. Kombat has room for 3.

Fortunately, Keyword SmartSearch is ready to step in for some heavy lifting. We found that if you combine “require” (+) and “exclude” (-) with specific site names, you get your solution. Lightning fast.

-site: +site: +site: +site:



It’s a fairly simple combination of our expert-view operators, but the results give you the equivalent of finding the perfect overlapped sweet spot.  Kombat is perfect for identifying top competitive keywords at a glance, and this overboard illustration helps makes the case for keeping the domain count to 3.  Continue to lean on Kombat for immediate answers on keywords you’re missing, but keep Keyword SmartSearch on call for control over more elaborate challenges.