Land New SEO Clients

Start with a Recon Files report: the in-depth analysis helps you show a business where you can make the biggest improvements to their SEO and the insights help you follow through.
Suggested Reading plays a strong role. (Found at the end of this post)

Step 1. Create a report. (Choose the SEO domain report)

1.  From the Recon Files tab, create a report on your own domain.

Step 2. Open it to these opportunity sections.

Inside the report, head to the “Biggest Opportunities/Not Ranked Keywords” section around page 10 or 11. (Or, look for it in the Table of Contents in the PDF format.)
These are keywords that the domain ranks for already, but not in the top spot. By prioritizing your SEO focus on these keywords, you can make leaps in SEO improvements that should pay off the most. It’s an ideal place to start to get their attention.


Step 3. Make the case for SEO

The following section “Overlap in their SEO and PPC Campaigns” helps you persuade them to leverage SEO as a long-term money-saver. Help them cut their reliance on PPC for keywords where they can excel in SEO.

Step 3b. Or, test a small PPC campaign.

In cases where the domain doesn’t spend any money in AdWords, you might consider it. Start small, and with your core message/service. You might be able to take advantage of a high quality score where your ads could start off being very profitable.

Step 4. Show them the opportunities

Scroll to the “Keyword Groups with the Most Potential” section next.

This part of the report shows groups of keywords that could benefit from similar content. If you focus your work (and your pitch) here, you would make more strides toward building strong value for the client in SEO. Making improvements here would lead to more valuable clicks when compared to other keyword groups. It’s a powerful bit of detail to share, especially when others are likely being vague about what they would do on their behalf.


Step 5. Continue learning to tighten your pitch

This is just an overview to get you started. We share detailed resources in our Selling SEO series on the SpyFu blog, and the Recommended Reading and Watching (below) gives you specific instructions on presenting the report in your sales presentations.

Recommended Reading and Watching

How to Present this Section of the Recon Files Report: Find our collection of videos and articles dedicated to helping you understand and present this report like a pro.
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