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Tour the SpyFu Main Page

Navigating SpyFu is easy once you learn a few basic steps in this site tour:

First, log in.

When you log in, you unlock full access to unlimited keywords, unlimited searches, and specialty features like SpyFu Kombat and Ad History.

You can browse SpyFu any time on your own with free access just by going to the site. We set this up so you could get an idea of what you can accomplish with SpyFu.com, but the true insights and opportunities come with history, trends, and full data sets that you can see with a subscription.


Signing up for your own SpyFu subscription is fast and simple. You will have immediate access to every SpyFu capability-without any waiting time to activate.

Sign up now or resume the tour below.

Search Box


This box is a direct path to pull up fast stats on any keyword or domain. Start with either one in the search box, and depending on what you entered, you will get a results page that summarizes the most important takeaways for that domain or keyword.

What you see will help you make decisions about including these keywords in your campaign or emulating these domains for their optimized copy and best practices you can adopt.

Think of these are launching pads for your research. Once you arrive at either page, SpyFu asks what you want to accomplish in your keyword research, and it takes you to the best solution. More on that later in the tour.

This search box also allows you to move between US and UK data, where improving your understanding of the niche’s activity in separate markets paves the way for potential expansion.


Term Results Page

When you search a keyword, SpyFu returns information like:

  • Top advertisers on that keyword–including their headlines and ad copy used
  • Average costs for that keyword including the cost per click range and expected number of clicks per day
  • Stats are tracked over many months to illustrate trends so you know where (and when) to make the right move.
  • Number of advertisers
  • Daily search volume and number of search results that your given keyword triggers
  • Related terms that competitors also bought

Take note of the additional details you can trigger on this page.

#1 Trends: This button converts your single figure (like Cost per Day) into a timeline on the right. The trends reflected over the past few months reveal changes in the marketplace that can signal opportunities for you that you can’t get with just one month’s statistic.

#2 Definitions: We built explanations and definitions into our stats figures to shine light on why each one matters and exactly what information we are returning.

#3 Top Ten Advertisers (Ad History): For the keyword you selected, these advertisers have placed in the highest ad positions for the longest time.  We show you the biggest players for this keyword, and you can launch their exact ads in one click.  This portal to Keyword Ad History shows a 6-month snapshot of ad copy changes and popularity for the term.

Domain Results Page

When you search a domain, SpyFu returns information like:

  • Spending estimates and clicks received: These arm you with expectation of what it will take to rival this domain’s activity, or simply measure their size and capacity as a means of determining how big of a fish this is.
  • The value of their SEO efforts–translated into PPC equivalent dollars.
  • A full set of that domain’s most trusted paid keywords (AdWords)
  • Top organic keywords that trigger that domain
  • Up to 1000 organic competitors: domains that also appear on these searches
  • Top ad competitors
  • Subdomains and other domains owned for additional insight
  • Categories for this domain-reveals business exposure for a competitor

And while it shares similar functions as the term page with trend graphs and definition links, the domain page has unique elements to boost your research:

#1  Ad statistics trio: More complex stats on this page about a domain’s average ad position, number of competitors, and a comparison of its paid vs. organic clicks per day create a strong picture of its competitive environment and its strategy.  The way that these details interact reveals strategic information that otherwise hides in plain sight.  These figures tell a story about your competitor that he might not have known himself.  (Don’t let the terminology intimidate you.  We have a SpyFu glossary to explain what our stats mean.)

#2 PPC and SEO Ranks:  The giants rank closest to number 1.  Taking all domains that we measure into account, we rank them by the top PPC spenders and those with the most organic results on the most valuable keywords.

#3 Preview of Ad History: This interactive preview shows 6 months of activity on their top keywords.  Click on a colored box to see the ad they ran for that month, and watch for color changes in the chart to signal copy or headline changes in the ad.  Expanded views (more keywords over the past year) are exclusive to subscribers only.  You must be logged in to see them.  For the free version, however, we show a domain’s top ten keywords.


Watch for the latest developments. We send our subscribers updates and announce new features on Twitter. These pages provide explanations of our latest developments, and SpyFu University will continue to offer instruction so that you are always up to speed on interacting fully in SpyFu.

Top Lists

We packaged some of the top requested searches on our main page and update them every month. Many SpyFu users have found that these lists open the door to generating leads and triggering new ideas:

  • Spot heavy-hitting advertisers with flexible budgets in Top SEM Spenders and Top 100 Ad Buyers
  • Use lists as a starting point for discovering profitable niches related to keywords with the most clicks per day
  • Watch for industry shifts with changes in websites and keywords

The details from these Top Lists link to term pages and domain pages. Then, the domain pages and term pages exist launch pads to more specific areas of research.

SpyFu looks at what you are researching and suggests relevant ways to

  • Compare keywords of rival domains (Learn which keywords they have in common)
  • Drill into competitor track records so you can find the most relied-upon ad copy, and
  • Track a keyword’s history of past advertisers.

For deeper keyword research, take advantage of tracking history. We’ll show the past 12 months (and often more)  of ups and downs for every advertiser on the same keyword. There, you can learn which domains stuck with ia keyword consistently over time–and at higher rankings. They’re the ones to follow for pointers on their best, optimized ad copy and headlines.


Once you understand how these options expand your potential, dive into the Specialty Features directly depending on the end result you have in mind.

SpyFu Specialty Features

Research the best ad copy, download an already-optimized keyword list straight from your top competitors, call up a domain’s all-star keyword arsenal, and mine the strongest keywords for your niche.  Accomplish those feats with SpyFu’s features like SpyFu Ad History, Kombat, and Keyword SmartSearch where each one provides specialized methods for improving your campaign.

Once you log in, get to any specialty feature directly through the tabs located at the top of SpyFu’s pages.