How Domain Ad History Will Change the Way You Build AdWords PPC Campaigns

You want to get the most out of your ad dollars, so your keywords have to do some heavy lifting for you. Paired with the right ad copy, keywords can catch a visitor’s attention and connect with their needs. This feature in SpyFu lets you see the evolution of an advertiser’s copy (and keyword picks) so you know what worked best and what fell flat.

Find that magical balance of keyword and ad copy

Anytime during your keyword research in SpyFu, click on the Ad History option. (You can also navigate directly to the Ad History tab under PPC research.) This opens a roster of domains that have advertised on that word before.

Or, enter a domain instead.

The results that you get when you type a domain include every ad variation that domain has used on every keyword it ever ran.

Ad History Add Domain

What you can learn from it

Variations in a domain’s color from box to box means ad copy has changed from the previous month. This is a strong signal for you that something was not working, or they tested a new variation. Which did best? Jump to the next month’s updated ad. Or the month after that.

Ad copy that won is ad copy that they kept in place.

Zero in on the last update that they use, and give plenty of weight to consistency. If they’ve been running the same ad for a 6-month stretch, you’ve got a winner.

Ad History Winner

Focus on a category or topic

Let’s say that you like seeing what that domain advertised on, but you want to narrow the focus to specific keywords they used (like a product line or a category). That’s where the filter helps. Type a keyword, and we’ll update the chart with that topic’s matching keywords and the ads that ran with them.

Ad History with Targeted Keyword

See the advertisers on a specific keyword

You can also search by just that keyword itself. If you do, the results in the grid will show every advertiser who has run an ad on that keyword.

Ad History with Keyword

You will easily spot these can’t-miss signals. They clear the path for you to nail right ad copy from the start.

SpyFu Ad History serves up road-tested keywords and ad copy. These results will create your most reliable, most powerful research yet.