Research competitors’ ad copy mistakes

Start with Ad History: Easy-to-read signs point to times where advertisers dropped weaker ad copy variations. Learn what they did wrong and steer clear from the same mistakes.

Details: start with Ad History

1.  Enter a competitor’s domain into Ad History or the main search bar.  Both will take you to results for a domain’s “Most Profitable Ads and Keywords.”

Old Ad History search bar

Even though it defaults to the domain’s most successful keywords and ad copy, it also uncovers helpful details about the ad copy this advertiser left behind.

2. Look for “Top Ads” on the far right. This will sort all ad copy used on the keywords included on the left. This is an important distinction because the “top ads” change depending on the set of keywords. It can be based on the top keywords (by default) or based on a filtered list of targeted keywords.

Top Ads displaying in the Ad History tool

3. Scroll to the bottom of the “top ads” list. This shows you ad copy that isn’t used much. Especially in cases where they’ve stopped testing and stuck with a winner, you can learn from the competitor’s ad copy mistakes they rejected after the test.

3b. Variation: Use the sort at the top to load a domain’s “worst keywords.” This automatically brings up keywords that they dropped. A word of caution: you might learn more from ad copy that was tested over time on still-standing keywords vs. ad copy that ran on very weak keywords.

Sorting using the Ad History tool

Try Ad History