Refocus Your AdWords Strategy By Finding Paid Search Engine Rankings

Finding paid (PPC) search engine rankings gives you the answers you need to start focusing your AdWords strategy.

Any site’s rankings (both paid and organic keywords) start on their results page. Open this by entering the domain name into the search box on the main page.

Start by entering a keyword or domain into the search bar.

Paid Rankings

You’ll see the paid ads (with its keywords) that ran for a domain–whether they got clicks or not. We start this list on the results page with the Most Profitable Ads and Keywords, ranked in order of the most trusted, attended to, consistent keywords in the paid lineup.

SpyFu Most profitable ads and keywords tool width=

This Ad History preview allows you a peek at how ad copy of these top keywords might have changed over time. Select “view more” to open the full interactive set in Ad History.

Just below that is the starting list of all paid keywords for that domain, including dates that these ads last ran. “View More” opens a list of all keywords and their statistics like estimated cost per click, search volume and clicks per day.

Organic Rankings

When a domain appears in the top 50 natural, unpaid results for a keyword, we capture it in the organic rankings. You can click through to see the actual URL and content of the page that triggered that result.

SpyFu SEO Keywords tool

Measuring how you appear in search engine results can be a tedious process that grows aimless if you don’t go into it with clear direction.

SpyFu introduced SEO Recon Files to help track your search engine rankings and take direct action based on your findings.

Your Rankings are Just Clues to a Better Strategy

Understanding your own search engine rankings is critical to your growth. It’s important to know where you rank high, so you can evaluate the return you are getting from all of your efforts.

Further, gauging your rankings keeps you on your toes about which competitors are trying to move in on your traffic through their own SEO or PPC campaigns.

Plus, it’s easy to say that there’s always room for improvement, but knowing just how much improvement makes a difference. In these results, we show you how much potential there is for additional value (if you increase your rankings) and how to capture it.

Try Rankings Reports

For comprehensive reports on your organic search engine rankings, turn to SpyFu Recon Files.