See Custom Recommendations for my Site

Option #1 Details: Download an AdWords Advisor Report.

1.   Click the Reports tab (far right in the menu bar), and choose the button for “New PPC Report.”  Or, follow this link:

2.  Enter your domain into the field and click “next.”
Step 1 - Enter Domain

3. When the report is ready, we will email a link to the report.  You can also find it anytime on your Reports page when you log in.

Your list of reports will look like this.

My Recon Reports

4. (Once you open the report) Review the listed keywords. (They are ranked by effectiveness.) The best additions to your campaign are marked by “great buy” and “good buy.”  These are keywords most likely to put you in front of the right audience at the best use of your ad dollars.

The negative match section continues as part of our best recommendations for your campaign.  We collected keywords that you advertise on that are irrelevant or not doing much for return.  We list them by the highest potential for savings.  Set them to “negative match” in your AdWords account.

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