Improve Existing PPC Campaigns with SpyFu Kombat

In the hunt for the best PPC keywords, there’s always the challenge of adding all you can without doubling up on what you started with.  Here, we show you how to save money by finding the gaps in your campaign, while avoiding duplicates of keywords you already have.

In the next video, continue improving an existing campaign by cutting out waste that’s draining your budget.  Or, catch Kombat in action for new campaigns– watch part 1 here.




Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Patrick again from  In the previous video, we talked about how you can use SpyFu Kombat to start a brand new campaign.  But what about those people that already have a campaign?  Well this video will show you how to use Kombat to find gaps in your existing campaign and help you optimize it.


I’m going to use the three same domains as I did before, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.  But this time we’ll say that I am Sprint.  So I have a campaign that’s already established but I’m still wanting to compare this campaign with my two biggest competitors, to help me gain access to their advertising secret formula.  When people try and do this kind of competitive intelligence manually, a common complaint we get is double bidding.


They’ve jotted down keywords that are now bidding on them even though they were already bidding on them.  When you’re doing it manually sometimes it’s difficult to avoid that.  We want Kombats will eliminate all kinds of double bidding and still make it very easy to use.  So at a glance, we’ll be able to see how that works.


This time we’re not going to click in the middle section because we already have those keywords.  We’re going to click here in the orange section or better said the section where your two competitors overlap but you do not.  These are keywords that your competitors have both shown up on in the last year but you have not.  When we get a more detailed look at this list, we noticed that there is no green in the ad timeline, but your course means no Sprint.


So when you select keywords in this section, there is no risk of double bidding.  You can also be confident that these keywords are solid ones because you’re two top competitors have been purchasing them.  And since this is organized by ad timeline, you know that they both consistently purchasing them over a period of time.  Again this is working off the principle in ad buying that we believe in.


The basic rule that says companies will bet on a keyword but they won’t waste a lot of money on that keyword at least not for a long time.  These top keywords are once that both of these competitors have been buying for a while which means they’re probably a reasonable bet.  Now you can use your own discretion when picking these specific keywords.  For example, if you don’t provide a DSL service that might not be the best keyword for you to snag.


But overall these are some primal keywords that you should seriously consider running in your campaigns.  And we have a couple of options in terms of exporting them to your campaign.  You can either export all of the keywords to CSV by clicking right here or you can pick and choose the ones that look best and export them to CSV.  You can also pick and choose the ones you like and copy them to your AdWords account.


Simply click on AdWords up the bid price a bit if you’d like.  Choose the domain you wanted under and then hit Copy to Clipboard.  Now you can go into your Google ad words, go to Spreadsheet View and just paste in the keywords that you just copied, pretty sweet.  In the final video, I’ll let you know how to use Kombats to eliminate wasteful spending by adding negative match keywords to your campaign.