Weekly Tracking Reports — Collect Your SEO Ranking Results and Ad Positions

For the first time on any SpyFu product, we will deliver weekly ranking reports on your keywords.

Whether it is for SEO or PPC, just tell us the keywords you want to track for a domain. And since you often manage keywords in groups, we can track different groups for the same domain to keep it organized for you.

WeeklyTracking_iconOur aim is to automate this task and take it off your plate. Tell us the keywords to watch every week, and we’ll get to work, tracking your complete list on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  When we say “complete list,” that means if we don’t already have your keywords in our database, we’ll go hunt them down. (One of the benefits of a SpyFu subscription is your ability to add your own keywords to our ongoing searches.)

When results are ready, we add a “live rankings” icon next to your report when you log in.


If you have always gotten your SEO keyword stats from SpyFu main, you will find the two can still work together:

SpyFu Main for organic keywords

  • Extensive detailed statistics like search volume, clicks per day, estimated value of clicks
  • Unlimited searches–great for competitor’s keywords
  • Top 50 search results, including headline and intro to the content
  • Rankings in Google (up to the top 50 positions)

Weekly Tracking Results of your SEO keywords

  • More frequent updates on keywords you select
  • Faster answers on specific, niche keywords
  • Results returned the same way you submit them—grouped with related terms
  • Rankings in Google (up to the top 100 positions)
  • Rankings in Bing (up to the top 50 positions)

Report the way you work

What do your chosen keywords have in common? It is likely that they come from a product line, a special project, or a  targeted group. That’s why we deliver your weekly rankings as the same related group. It keeps your results organized so your reports match your work.

How to Get Started

From the main SpyFu page, choose “tracking” above the search bar, or go tohttp://www.spyfu.com/weekly_ranking.

Enter your domain to get started. You can choose SEO or PPC keyword tracking in this wizard (or both). Or, if you already have tracking started, just click “add a domain” at the bottom of your domain lists.

Don’t get caught off guard

Since weekly tracking results (or Recon Files report for that matter) don’t require heavy legwork to setup,you can order them on competitor’s keywords, too. It doesn’t hurt to keep tabs on your biggest threats.

Automatic with a Keyword Ranking Report

With every new Keyword Ranking Report you run, we will start tracking that keyword list in a separate weekly SEO ranking report. You’ll get an update every week as long as your Keyword Ranking keeps running.