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Find the Keywords Most Important to Your Market

  • Part I: Where to Find New Ideas
  • Part II: Create Structure in Your Research
  • Part III: Build on the Ideas You Found
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Starting an AdWords Campaign From Scratch

  • Part I: The Basics That You Need to Begin
  • Part II: Choosing Your Keywords
  • Part III: Writing Ads and Landing Page Copy
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Researching Your Competitor’s Marketing Strategy

  • Part I: Type your competitor’s domain into SpyFu.
  • Part II: Search your own domain in SpyFu.
  • Part III: Dig in Deeper
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Planning a Content Marketing Campaign

  • Part I: Don't Shoot for Perfect
  • Part II: Really Understand and Set Your Goals
  • Part III: Find Your Baseline
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Build a Keyword Tool into Your Research

  • Part I: Understand 3rd party tools vs Google's keyword tool
  • Part II: Learn how to use keyword tool for research
  • Part III: Review top keyword tools available
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Product Intros


Compare up to 3 competitors to find winning keywords you've missed.


Uncover the best backlink opportunities to grow your rankings.

Ad History

See how competitors improved their ad copy over time.

Keyword Groupie

Automatically organize a domain's keywords into targeted groups.

Keyword SmartSearch

All the power of SpyFu in a search bar.

Recon Files

Discover opportunities and successes for your SEM campaigns.

Ranking History

Compare pages that rank on the same keyword or many keywords.


PItch the right businesses on sales or new partnerships

Quick Solutions

  • 1Why is there a full month of data missing from a historically strong keyword?
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