Release notes: SpyFu v3.16 is live!

Posted on: July 15, 2016

Major updates:
* Improved UI of new Recon pages
* Fixed rounding errors between Seo Keywords and Keyword Overview metrics
* Added new Member perks
* Fixed issue where “View All Backlinks” would not always show
* Updated header links to point to new areas

MySpyFu updates:
* Improved UX of new project wizard form
* Updated UI of project edit to match other MSF forms
* Allowed users to edit the names of groups/labels
* Added bulk-create action from Kombat keyword lists

Blog/Resources updates:
* New is live!
* Updated FAQ with copy and videos
* Added icons to What’s new and Glossary dropdowns
* Prioritized exact results in Glossary searches
* Added Glossary excerpts
* Improved Glossary search performance

The July release is ready!

Posted on: July 5, 2016

New data from throughout the month of June has been rolled out across the site.