Release notes: SpyFu v3.29 is live!

Posted on: October 31, 2016

Major updates:
* Brand new PPC tool: Interactive Adwords Advisor
* Brand new API Documentation portal
* Fixed an issue with /UK link generation
* Fixed an issue with Facebook share metrics
* Synced up filtered results of Top Lists and Leads
* Fixed an issue with Groupie exports
* Improved Leads export options
* Fixed Top Lists advanced filter links
* Improved Technology filtering in Leads
* Improved Industry/Sub-Industry filtering in Leads
* Fixed tooltip issues on SERP Analysis page
MySpyFu updates:
* Added tooltips to Keyword details workspace
* Improved routing after creating a new project
* Removed settings option from the default “All Projects”

Release notes: SpyFu v3.27 is live

Posted on: October 5, 2016

Major updates:
* Fixed issue with Top Lists export trimming zip codes
* Applied Top Lists filters to exports
* Added feature to sort Top Lists columns
* Added feature to sort Leads columns
* Added feature to filter by available contact info in Leads
* Made Leads URL shareable with preset filters
* Improved backwards navigation from filtered Top Lists
* Expanded number of domains/keywords exported from Top Lists based on subscription level
API updates:
* Fixed issue that only showed domains with both SEO and PPC data