Release notes: SpyFu v3.43 is live!

Posted on: March 31, 2017

Major updates:
* Fixed an issue with updating CC information
* Changed the contact us hours to be based on user’s current timezone
* Improved UI and pagination for Recon report list
* Fixed graphical issue on Interactive AdWords Advisor
* Fixed an issue when navigating between tool overviews
* Fixed an issue preventing users from re-signing up with previous email accounts

API updates:
* 75% off our current API pricing! Now offered at $0.50/1000 rows
* Updated API documentation to show example response values as well as schema

MySpyFu updates:
* Fully integrated the Request Keywords tool into MySpyFu allowing group rollup and weekly updates of all requests
* Added option to receive weekly PDF summaries of any Group you have exported to PDF via email
* Improved the UI feedback on keywords awaiting new data
* Added new suggested groups based on best performing, easy wins, and domain competitors
* Added PDF export options for group list and group overview

Release notes: SpyFu v3.42 is live!

Posted on: March 23, 2017

Major updates:
* Improved the speed of the Related Keywords tool
* Fixed floating footer issue on some Account pages
* Simplified Recon customization page to avoid confusion
* Added case-insensitive filtering to the Interactive AdWords Advisor tool
* Fixed issue with logging in when viewing the UK data
* Added newest Google Algorithm updates to various historical tools
* Fixed issue with special characters input to Keyword Groupie tool
* Included custom domains added to Competitors tool to the CSV export
* Improved styling of PDF exporter when logged out

MySpyFu updates:
* Fixed issue with create project wizard on Account pages

Release notes: SpyFu v3.41 is live!

Posted on: March 15, 2017

Major updates:
* Fixed zipcode issue when customizing user receipts
* Fixed an issue with Ranking History when removing items
* Fixed formatting for CPC stat on Keyword Overview
* Prevented MySpyFu panel from showing in other tool’s PDF exports
* Added ability to customize Recon reports for all users
* Fixed an issue with external links that could not handle HTTPS

MySpyFu updates:
* Improved the keyword import wizard
* Updated the Inbound Links grid on Domain Overview page to actively sync with your current project
* Fixed an issue with the Top of Page % metric for keyword groups
* Fixed html encoding for keyword CSV exports
* Fixed an issue preventing keyword CSV exports

The March release is ready!

Posted on: March 6, 2017

New data from throughout the month of February has been rolled out across the site.

Release notes: SpyFu v3.4 is live!

Posted on: March 1, 2017

Major updates:
* Fixed “log in to see all results” prompt on Top Lists
* Added explanation for empty Recon Live Rankings grid
* Fixed styling and typography for a number of buttons

MySpyFu updates:
* Improved the explanation for empty Groups grid