Release notes: SpyFu v4.3 is live!

Posted on: December 27, 2017

SpyFu Patch Notes v4.3

** Fixed Bugs
* [SF-17888] – Button Hit Area
* [SF-17894] – entire app reloads whenever filters are changed
* [SF-17897] – Cloning charts render a new chart below with no spacing
* [SF-17899] – Research: MSF Panel snaps closed in FF
* [SF-17901] – Filters: inconsistent interaction
* [SF-17908] – product pages: scroll-to buttons should scroll to top of page for the “enter a domain/keyword” CTA
* [SF-18981] – Adwords Advisor carrying over filters it shouldn’t
* [SF-18984] – Recon reports stall on ‘Use these competitors?’ step.
* [SF-19012] – IAA – Return more than 5 results when a user navigates to IAA from PPC Overview
* [SF-19013] – IAA: Return full result set for sequential searches

** Improvement
* [SF-16995] – Logged In Events – Resorting (any column) disables tag entry field
* [SF-16996] – Logged In Events – Spacebar creates new tag, it should only be commas
* [SF-16997] – Logged In Events – The X-boxes are a little weird
* [SF-17001] – LoggedIn Event – Have tags be able to be separated with Google Sheets blank spaces
* [SF-17753] – Invoices – Remove ability to send all
* [SF-17936] – All of the Group Details panels have a hover cursor even though only some are clickable
* [SF-17938] – Backlinks tab isn’t active while on backlinks tool
* [SF-17940] – Improve ease of updating titles and meta data sitewide
* [SF-17950] – Redirect slash based routing to query route