Release notes: SpyFu v4.8 is live!

Posted on: January 30, 2018

Bugs Fixed
* [SF-16988] – Weekly Tracking is asking for credits
* [SF-19040] – Ad History – Top Ads should be for the last year rather than all-time
* [SF-19057] – Domain Top Lists – Export modal is not being shown for logged out users
* [SF-19067] – Related Keywords: Handle Leaning and Upright Double-quotes.
* [SF-19069] – Showing dollar amounts with one decimal point in Recon SEO Reports
* [SF-19070] – Custom Budget failing when it is entered after a preset
* [SF-19080] – Kombat – table is not mobile friendly
* [SF-19082] – Keyword overview – buttons not displaying correctly on mobile browsers
* [SF-19083] – Site Navigation – Mobile navigation does not toggle subnav

* [SF-19027] – UI Framework – Provide validation feedback to the user when they blur an input or fire a request

Release notes: SpyFu v4.7 is live!

Posted on: January 24, 2018

Bugs Fixed
* [SF-19058] – Sitewide – Allow UK users to access relevant cache pages

* [SF-19076] – Mobile: Now with Login and Buy

Release notes: SpyFu v4.6 is live

Posted on: January 22, 2018

**Fixed Bugs
* [SF-16867] – Weekly Tracking – PDF export failing
* [SF-18997] – Terms are being interpreted as a TLD on Keyword Research
* [SF-19037] – Sitewide – UK Keyword Research showing some $ where it should be £
* [SF-19038] – Overview – (UK Keyword) Overview Pulling in US Data

** Task
* [SF-19039] – Cookie Collector – Region selection for pg2 cookies; Update saving and settings methods to use section flag.
* [SF-19051] – Sitewide – Audit UK data sitewide

** Improvement
* [SF-16973] – Update Lucene and API for better default PPC Keywords Sort
* [SF-17925] – Overview – (PPC) Hot Dog Nav missing Adwords Advisor
* [SF-19017] – MSF Keyword Grid – Add click change column and cog to manage columns

Release notes: SpyFu v4.5 is live!

Posted on: January 18, 2018

**Fixed Bugs
* [SF-17895] – Overview – (URL) Bottom border on “Inbound Clicks from Google – Organic vs. Paid” is too tall
* [SF-17905] – Overview – (Domain) Double borders are back on some panels
* [SF-17906] – Leads – carets for lists point down rather than right when inactive
* [SF-17909] – Allow users to apply site modifiers to Related Keyword search queries
* [SF-19005] – Keyword Grouping Export has changed from original
* [SF-19023] – Research – (Sitewide) no search results prevents content from updating
* [SF-19024] – MSF Group List – MSF Alerts cannot be created
* [SF-19026] – Mobile nav doesn’t work on homepage and secondary nav doesn’t function within the app
* [SF-19047] – SEO Keyword Ranking Reports should register as Small despite size of original Domain

** Story
* [SF-19022] – Recon – Inform the user that there’s a keyword limit on SEO Ranking Reports

* [SF-19016] – MSF Keyword Show – Display what url is causing the project domain to rank for a given keyword

Release notes: SpyFu v4.4 is live!

Posted on: January 9, 2018

** Fixed Bugs

* [SF-17023] – Default call not limiting rows
* [SF-17889] – Groupie Product Page – Button text typo
* [SF-18987] – SEO/PPC Keywords – Weird Search Value Number and definition typo (UK)
* [SF-18988] – Competitors Export – Export Selected Rows and Improve Overlap value
* [SF-18999] – Keyword Toplists show styles are messed up on FireFox
* [SF-19001] – Related Keywords – Fix sorting so that it reverts to the default sort on new queries.

** Improvement

* [SF-17937] – Related Keywords – Allow users to add keywords to MSF projects from Related Keywords
* [SF-18976] – Make the Keyword Overview Responsive
* [SF-18991] – Accounts – Help users create or update passwords by providing the required rules
* [SF-18994] – Research – Top Ads Working Differently, Displaying Lower % Ads In General
* [SF-19009] – Groupie – Check if keywords are in project once
* [SF-19010] – Keyword Grids – Allow users to filter based on a broad match

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SpyFu has been identified as one of the best Arizona software tech companies, based on its high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real G2 Crowd users.

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