Ad History as your Keyword Software Solution

Ad History serves up 12 months of headlines and ad copy for any keyword or from any domain.

  • Keyword Ad History: See all domains that advertised on a keyword
  • Domain Ad History: See all paid keywords the selected domain appeared on.

Researching keywords from this perspective arms you with the kind of gut-check you just can’t get from other kinds of keyword software.

Here’s how.

SpyFu prepares you with more than the expected stats like CPC and number of clicks.  Trust Ad History as your keyword advisor to guide you through more effective questions:

  • Is this a competitive keyword?
  • Who are the big players in this field, not just those that ran the same ad?
  • How does seasonality and timing play out in this niche?
  • Help explain surges or drop-offs in their traffic.
  • How committed are they to these keywords?

This trail of ad copy updates points to the biggest hits and misses.  Any change to that system, be it a new ad or dropping a keyword, and chances are that something wasn’t working.

We use these cues to help you avoid weak keywords and take advantage of ad copy that’s tested month after month.

By having the strongest keyword-ad copy matchups, you can eliminate costly trial and error and jump right into a tested campaign from day one.

Use Ad History To:

  1. Lock the right keywords into your campaign
  2. Protect your time and money when you avoid the wrong keywords
  3. Have solid ad copy in place from Day 1.

Keyword Ad History and Domain Ad History work interchangeably to show you the exact ad-and-keyword combinations your competitor ran over the past year.

The Ad History set is available only with a subscription.  Start using it now with your login, or subscribe to get started.

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