Add Your Own Keywords to SpyFu

Subscribers have much more control over the keywords we research and capture each month.  If we don’t have the keywords you want to track — no matter how niched or longtail — add it to our database.  We’ll show you results on what everyone else adds, too.

Why Add Your Own Keywords?

This is helpful if you are trying to:
  • Show local businesses where keywords include a specific city name
  • Locate niche keywords we’re not picking up
  • Research and track keywords you rank on that we don’t capture
  • Monitor longtail keywords


Video Transcript:

All right, so if you’re an SEO RECON subscriber, one of the things that we do a great job of is capturing the entire picture of every movement that you make on SEO.
Some of the things that you do, you may not ever know about, because you’re tracking your own SEO as a campaign.
You have your 500, 00 2000 keywords, 200, 100, whatever golden keywords that you’re actually trying to improve yourself on, but SEO RECON hits everything.
But did you know that you can also add your own keywords into SpyFu.
So, you can actually see those keywords show up that you’re tracking, that we don’t currently track, in your RECON Reports.
I want to drill this home, because some people don’t know about this.
It’s actually kind of hidden on the site right now, but you can take the keywords that you want to rank on, and paste those right in, and we’ll start tracking those for you as soon as we do the next month.
So, they’ll show up in your next month’s report.
Sometimes, if you’re trying to rank on something, we track 20 million keywords, sometimes we don’t know what you’re actually trying to rank on, or what you’re doing is pretty niche or whatever.
20 million’s a lot of keywords but we might be missing out on even your branded keywords or your competitors brands or whatever.
Stuff that might’ve slipped through the cracks, you can just put those into our database for us, and we’ll start tracking them for you.