Adding Keywords to SpyFu – What Happens Next?


You’ve added your custom, unique, and longtail keywords to SpyFu’s database, now what? This video should help answer your questions about what happens after you add keywords to SpyFu.


Video Transcript:

Adding keywords to SpyFu’s database is extremely useful for tracking the unique or longtail keywords that relate to your campaigns. But what happens after you add them? Here’s the rundown.

In a nutshell, after you add a keyword it takes about a month for us to integrate it into our system. When you see that you have 14 keywords that are “processing”, it means that we’re gathering data on it and getting it ready for our monthly scrape.

Sometimes it takes a little less than a month, sometimes it takes a little more, but never fear, it’s getting in there. And once it’s in our system, it’s there forever.

When you log into SpyFu we’ll give you the status of the keywords you added. Which ones are processing, which ones are in the queue, and which ones are officially added to SpyFu. So you won’t need to constantly go to your account to check the status of the keywords.

FYI, members can add 10,000 keywords a day for free. So if you have a large list, just dump it in there so we can get that data working for you.

We’re constantly working on making this process faster, and integrated into more places on the site. The ultimate goal is to make tracking the keywords that you need is as helpful and convenient as possible.