Adsense starter: high paying, high-volume keywords

Use our Related Keywords section: its advanced functionality lets you filter keywords to specific criteria. That tells you which kind of content is more competitive in an Adsense campaign.

Details: Head to Related Keywords

1.  In this example, you can find high-paying, high-volume keywords by starting with one keyword (or a few related keywords) in the SpyFu search box. Keep it a little broad to start. I’m using “car rental.” Choose the “Related Keywords” option under the Keyword Research tab.
Related keyword search results
2.  Once you get results,  Click the “cost per day” column twice. This sorts the results so that the highest-cost keywords are at the top of the page. That’s the high-paying part, but keep going onto step 3.

3.  Now we want to go after high-volume terms to make sure you are getting the traffic to make those Adsense clicks (payments) add up. Choose filters on the left to find high search volume so you can ensure high-paying, high-volume keywords.


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