How the Keyword Report Tailors Opportunities to You

The new Recon Files: SEO Keyword Ranking Report is designed to give you specifically what you and your clients want. All you have to do is put in your keyword list, and the report returns where you are doing well, and where your ability to improve on these keywords lie. This directly pinpoints the opportunities most relevant to you, allowing you to prioritize your next SEO moves and gain the greatest effect on your bottom line.

Simple, right?

With this report, your ability to create and track priority plans and focus on improvement is greater than ever before.

Because you control exactly what appears in the report, there are no more mysteries to solve about where certain keywords come from. Your energy is no longer caught up with trying to explain some unforeseen keyword matches, leaving you well prepared to show a client your progress, or pitch your services to a prospective client and show them just where opportunities lie, and how you can help them capitalize on those opportunities.

Now, with the Keyword Ranking Report, the report revolves directly around your goals. In the same easy-to-read, in-depth analysis of the domain report, your opportunities are laid out, focused on your most relevant keywords. New keywords to capitalize on, new keyword groups to explore, all directly related to the keyword list you have specified.

Because this information is based off of your own provided keyword list, and the competitors you choose, every section will be relevant to your goals, and designed to help you not only succeed, but become an invaluable asset to your clients. These opportunities are still clearly laid out in front of you, with clear-cut direction, telling you what keywords are worth to you, and how much you stand to gain. You will know what they need to do to jump ahead in rankings. Not only that, but you will know exactly what keywords to focus on and what their possible gains are, before you even begin.

But why is being focused so important?

It means that you can shift and change with your client’s needs and goals. Some clients may have a new product they are planning on launching, and need to be high on related keywords quickly. Perhaps your client is a clothing supplier, and is trying to anticipate changes in the fashion industry, or even seasonal clothing. With this keyword report, you will be able to pare down your list to focus on “swim wear” and “swim suits,” and find opportunities on “board shorts,” all at your fingertips. And we still provide a year’s worth of data, so you can anticipate your client’s changing needs as if you’ve been researching in preparation for their new, specific demands all along.

Whether you are tempting a new client in or proving your worth to an established one, you’ll be covered. Find the opportunities you want, and need, to succeed in everything you set out to do with the Recon Files: SEO Keyword Ranking Report.