Release notes: SpyFu v4.8 is live!

Bugs Fixed
* [SF-16988] – Weekly Tracking is asking for credits
* [SF-19040] – Ad History – Top Ads should be for the last year rather than all-time
* [SF-19057] – Domain Top Lists – Export modal is not being shown for logged out users
* [SF-19067] – Related Keywords: Handle Leaning and Upright Double-quotes.
* [SF-19069] – Showing dollar amounts with one decimal point in Recon SEO Reports
* [SF-19070] – Custom Budget failing when it is entered after a preset
* [SF-19080] – Kombat – table is not mobile friendly
* [SF-19082] – Keyword overview – buttons not displaying correctly on mobile browsers
* [SF-19083] – Site Navigation – Mobile navigation does not toggle subnav

* [SF-19027] – UI Framework – Provide validation feedback to the user when they blur an input or fire a request