Another trick to keep your spy game strong

Your competitors’ conference attendance and expo sponsorships tell you the groups they want to target and where their priorities are. This trick helps you keep track of where they’re going.

It’s not an obvious thing to watch, but consider what trade show attendance has in common with paid keywords: they let the advertiser choose how they’re seen. The exhibiting company made an effort to tie themselves to a specific niche or audience. They want direct interaction with this audience, and you can keep tabs on where they are putting themselves in front of the public.

In person communication rocks

At the very least, it tells you how they’re expanding and adding to their marketing.


So how to find them?? A little trick in Google creates a helpful shortcut.

Step 1. Find your competitor’s logo.

A quick Google search for images does the trick.

Step 2. Search the logo’s image.

Right click on the image of the logo, and select “search Google for this image.” You can also drag the image to the Google search bar.

Step 3. Filter the results

With the image attached to the search (from step 2) replace the search box text with +conference.

You can also try phrases like “expo,” “exhibitors,” and “sponsors.”

Conference Searchbox

Step 4. Find conferences they’re attending or sponsoring.

Find the conferences your competitors attend


Scroll down to the section of the search results page titled “pages that include matching images”

These will often be pages from conferences, expos and trade shows (depending on what you searched in step 3) and their sponsors — including your competitor.

  • Amit Roy

    This is really innovative tip. I must try this. Thanks!

    • AgentSidra

      We had been talking about how conference sponsors are almost always listed out with their logos on the page, so that set off a lightbulb. We crossed our fingers and tried this search. Glad to hear you liked it!