Anyone can Use Advanced Search to Find New Keyword Ideas

Most keyword generators just leave you with a list of tacked-on long tail terms with very little value. Google can suggest similar keywords, but they can’t tell you what works for your competitors. That’s why we developed a smarter way to find keyword ideas.

Keyword SmartSearch vs Google's Keyword planner tool

Keyword SmartSearch helps you find keywords created from your competitors’ profitable keywords that convert. This is one of the most helpful, effective tools in your arsenal.

Here’s the honest downside. It can be intimidating to get started.


More accurately, it used to be a lot more intimidating to get started. Some people were overwhelmed with the up-front filtering it asked of users. We did away with the up-front part and kept all the functionality. Fair deal?

At the very least, type a keyword into the search bar. If you want keywords like “college reviews,” start there.

Part of that is because the Swiss Army knife-quality of the tool made it look like you need to use everything if you use it at all. But just because all of those options are available, doesn’t mean they’re required.


Options you say?

It was important that we kept Keyword SmartSearch loaded with advanced search options. Tell us the cost per click range (even by match type) these keywords need to follow or how many advertisers on bidding on the term. Or don’t. You can start with just a keyword, and we’ll find related terms that already work well for other advertisers. You get only the keywords that fit your needs.

Once you search, the tool returns results with filters on the sidebar, using some of the most common ways to narrow your results.

Related keywords in the Keyword SmartSearch


That’s all you have to do. You can use this approach and get targeted keyword lists to match your needs.


Or Bypass this for Better Customization

Now IF you know exactly what kind of criteria you have for your new keywords, that’s where our expert view comes in.

Expanded search using SmartSearch

All I’ve done here is chosen the Expert View and clicked the “add top domains” link. See how it shows “,” etc? The tool was working off of those domains’ keyword lists (and others) behind the scenes. You can remove any of those domains from consideration, add more, or just leave them there and add more criteria for your keywords:

  • Require words
  • Fuzzy search like misspellings
  • Wildcards like *books
  • Costs
  • Search Volume
  • Clicks
  • Number of Advertisers
  • More… 

Simply trying Keyword SmartSearch it is a big step toward your mastery of focused keyword lists, so remember these two points:

  1. You can start with a single keyword and use the built-in filters to narrow your results.
  2. OR, you can use this helpful guide on search options to use inside the tool.

Useful for both SEO and PPC, SmartSearch can help you start a campaign or add new keywords to campaigns already underway.

Take advantage of this customizable keyword search now.