Avoid junk links in your backlinks search

Google-indexed pages help you avoid junk links from the dark depths of the internet

SpyFu’s new Backlink Builder finds the best backlinks that help you rank on specific keywords. It comes equipped with 5 unique ways to ensure you’re finding the best backlink opportunities. Here’s one:

Go after backlinks without worrying that they’ll backfire on you. Since every one of these backlinks come from pages that actually rank in the top 5 pages of Google, it’s a safe bet that you won’t have to disavow them down the line.


SpyFu’s new backlinks tool is built into SpyFu.com’s power set of search marketing tools.


SpyFu only links you to content that is already ranking on Google.
Unlike other backlink tools, we don’t try and reverse-engineer Google.
Instead, we go straight to the source.
So you know the backlinks you see on this page are much more legitimate and safe.
They aren’t just junk links found in the darkest depths of the internet.
Google has already approved them to be ranked in the top five pages of the search, meaning that’s the quality of backlink you can expect as well.