Backlinks by Keyword: How SpyFu finds the kingmakers

Although we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to find a competitor’s backlink profile, we suggest you try a more direct route when there’s a specific keyword you have in mind. You can skip over the domain and quickly find the most powerful backlinks to help you rank on a the keywords you’re planning to target.

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The Backlink Builder inside of SpyFu does that for you. Just enter a keyword into the main search bar, and we’ll find the effective backlinks for you to go after. Having them link to your site gives you a major boost toward improving your rankings.  Plus, you can filter out any links you already get when you add your own domain to the “exclude” list.

Backlinks by Keyword — Why it Works

There are backlinks already doing the heavy lifting and getting others to rank. This process helps find out which ones they are.

Start with Authority

Finding backlinks via similar keywords

We look at the keyword you’ve chosen and find similar keywords. Then, we find the domains that rank for these keywords. That step gives us a solid base to build from single Google considers these the most authoritative domains for these terms.

Then, the Backlinks

External sites that link to a domain

Now those ranking domains from step 2 help us identify the big backlink players in this niche. We find out who’s linking to them. That’s a simple explanation, but we dig a little deeper to make sure these are relevant and topical backlinks and not just a list of every random link that went their way.

When an external site links to more than one of our listed domains, it makes that site more valuable to our search. That helps cut out the outliers that link without being topical, and the referring page proves its worth.

The Kingmakers


If a page links to multiple domains that rank on the same keyword, it’s not only a good sign that this potential backlink is relevant to this keyword, but it’s already proving to be tied to authority. It has link juice, and that’s what we’re after. These external pages are the “king makers,” linking to authoritative domains and helping them rank.

Having one link to you isn’t a guarantee that Google will crown your page, but you certainly don’t rank well without backlinks just like them.

Look for this tab to get started.

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