The big mistake everyone is making in SEO

In this replay of our webinar, we look at how duplicate content can run rampant. It happens more than you think, and it can tank your SEO efforts. Here’s how to fight it.

  • Costa

    Good stuff. Couple improvements to this presentation 🙂

    1) Trailing slash on hostname does not matter to google. Do a search for “google-trailing-slashes-url-24943” for confirmation by John Mu.
    2) Missing from your list: Unlike hostnames, a trailing slash on *path* DOES matter. (fix is to 301 all paths without trailing slash via htaccess and fix all internal links). See same page as above for confirmation by John Mu.
    3) Out of order parameters: You suggested 301 or Canonical… but in practice, a 301 would cause Googlebot to encounter a ridiculous amount of 301s *every single time* it crawls which affects Crawl budget. Not ideal for e.g. an ecommerce site with faceted navigation. In fact, users browsing would also encounter these 301s every time they filter results. You’d be better off setting a Canonical on the server side that always uses the same order for parameters. Parameter order should be harcoded and not auto-sorted because if a new parameter needs to be added a year later, you don’t want all the previously indexed canonicals to change.

    • AgentSidra

      Thanks for the clarifications, Costa!