Control Your Domain Competitor Comparisons with RECON Files Reports

Customize more than just the appearance of your Recon Files report.   Control your competitor comparisons, too.


dom1Recon Files reports are a focused view of your domain’s biggest SEO value-creating success stories as well as its most promising opportunities.  When we can deliver the most relevant competitive intelligence surrounding the competitors you choose, the insights you gain are much more powerful.

Other customization options help you add logos or hide sectionsfrom the final view, but this adjustment changes the story you get to tell.

What Part of the Recon Files Report is Affected?

Updating your competitors directly updates two sections:

  1. Traffic Share and Forward Planning
  2. Top Competitors’ Best Keywords

This heightened relevance pays off when you can understand how your site draws an audience against the biggest threats to your traffic.  Just as easily, track (and snag) the best keywords from competitors that you want to emulate.

How to Choose Your Competitors

When you start any Recon Files report, our wizard gets the few details we need to create the it.  Use these simple steps to tell us the competitors you’d like included in your domain’s SEO summary.

Quick note: There’s still an option to keep things turnkey. We automatically make our best suggestions for your top competitors. Just override it to customize your competitor selections.


In this example, we started a report for  In addition to being a shipping behemoth, FedEx also expanded into printing through its Kinko’s acquisition a few years back.  To run a report focusing only on shipping-related rivals, you could easily just select the competitors that are most relevant.

  1. Select the “Let me pick” radio button.
  2. Click to move a domain suggestion to the “My Top 5 Competitors” box.
  3. Type in any competitor name we missed.

We’ll confirm thee competitors you chose on the next page, and that’s all you need to do.   Look for your results in these two sections of your Recon Files report.  We use these comparisons to give your site’s performance some perspective and to help illustrate the urgency that’s behind keeping your rivals in check.

Now that you can ensure the most relevant competitive comparisons, it will make more sense how to make the most of this data.

Learn how to use intelligence about your competitor’s advances to protect your traffic share.  Doing so means protecting your clicks and holding on to the audience that brings you business.