Combine Your Filters to find the Exact People You Want to Reach

For such a quiet little feature slipped into SpyFu, the interactive Top Lists earned a strong following. Maybe that’s due to the multiple choices you get to fine-tune these lists into new biz pipelines.

We mentioned before that you can set caps on how much they spend (minimum or maximum limits) in PPC. There are other facets, too, like location—so you can pile them on to find businesses in California who spend at least $5,000 in AdWords each month.

Combining filters that have ranges (Ad budget and SEO Clicks) lets them work together in a way that other filter combinations don’t. Where others simple narrow down the field, these create scenarios. Those scenarios let you draw useful assumptions about what’s going on with their business and how they might need your help.

Go back to the businesses who spend at least $5,000 in AdWords and crank it up to $50,000. Pretty solid, organizations, yes? We can assume that many of them have a content-rich site supporting their brand recognition. For example, I see law offices, a college, and a plumbing franchise on the list.

SpyFu refined filter options for sales leads

If we combine the criteria through the filters, we can create something relatable. Cap the SEO clicks at 1,000, and now we’re looking at a different situation. Now we have a story.

Filter options for SpyFu Leads

These are sizeable organizations with brand awareness, yet they have a relatively low organic search presence. It’s kind of a surprising blend, but it exists. They seem prime for SEO help, with a budget to support it. Sure, you can explain some of these away, buy you’re also discovering new leads open to your services. They just haven’t had the right pitch.

Play around with different combinations of budgets and number of clicks. You’ll find people who are making an effort, but their content isn’t doing a lot. So you don’t have to talk them into the benefits of SEO. Just explain how it deserves more attention. Plus, if they have limited SEO with high PPC and some social, can you work with them to find a better balance