Competitor data lets us make stronger recommendations

There’s advice, and then there’s advice that stands on the shoulders of others who have tested that same path.

Most people know SpyFu for competitor spying and keyword research, but we put those strengths together to turn research into recommendations. You can get keyword metrics anywhere. We suggest you take advantage of our domain-specific keyword bid recommendations.

(With match type and ad copy to boot!)

You can jump ahead to it here, or read on for a little more detail behind what we get asked often. (How can SpyFu still get this information?)

What Makes this Advice Different

Some time ago, Google called out most PPC bid management companies. If they still wanted to get their life-blood data from the Google API, they had to drop all competitive data (*cough* scraped data).  They had little choice; they accepted Google’s ultimatum.

Still, that leaves a PPC manager stuck without answers:

“How do you get the same types of actionable buy/stop-buying recommendations you expect from your bid management platform – while taking advantage of competitive research?”

That’s where we step in

SpyFu’s AdWords Advisor solves that challenge.  It’s our best advice for your campaign. And that’s a singular “your.” Just one domain at a time. With a domain name, we start looking at top ad competitors and what they’ve done well and where they dare not go again. (Dead keywords) No PPC management software company in business today can take use AdWords competitive data to craft its recommendations. SpyFu stands alone with this capability.

Quick history: SpyFu has been collecting Google SERP data for more than 7 years, and we keep every single piece of data we find. This is important here because it’s the reason we’re able to learn from other advertisers’ track records and find ad copy gems that stand up to testing.

In fact, this advice is so specific, when we tell you a solid keyword to buy, we include match-type recommendations.

You can’t go through millions upon millions of SERPs over those 7 years without learning some things about crafting match types to your advantage. We found ads that ran on wasteful broad matches. These aren’t just the irrelevant mis-steps, either. We learned how certain niches have keywords that work best with exact match settings. Or using modified broad match can save you thousands of dollars over time when you’ve been relying on broad match (or even phrase match) to expand your reach.

“Reach” sounds like a great idea, but you could use some proof, right? We agree. Since we are already scouring the keywords your ads do appear on, we can find the keywords you’ve missed. If one modified broad match keyword covers your bases on 3, 4 or 5 keywords that could help you reach the right people, it’s a valuable addition. Look at this recommendation for’s campaign where a modified broad match for +free +keyword +search covers 5 exact match keywords that we didn’t have in our lineup at all.

AdWords advisor data example

And that’s not to say that broad match is a wasteful option. For every keyword and for every domain, there is a right combination to keyword/match type/ad copy. We make every move to help you find it.

Competitors are unwittingly spilling their secrets.

If two competitors are advertising on the same keyword that your domain is missing, we strongly recommend you look into buying it yourself.

The Advisor also suggests proven ad copy that is already drawing traffic for top advertisers in the field. It shows you low-quality or irrelevant keywords that triggered your ad. You can take these negative match suggestions to avoid wasteful clicks and allocate your dollars elsewhere.

Every piece of information inside the report includes a clear and specific change to improve a campaign’s ROI.

This access to competitor insights puts us in a unique position to complement other PPC management providers. In fact, many of them use SpyFu as a means to gather that extra bit of insight that Google can’t (and shouldn’t) provide. It’s a conflict of interest for Google to expose’s AdWords bidding history to, including the keywords they buy. However, every advertiser stands to gain from making fully-informed decisions about cutting out a keyword that no other competitor is buying any longer.

Advice like this would take an expert hours to put together. This report delivers answers in 30 minutes, packaged in a report you can customize with your own logo and notes.

See it for yourself. How to start a report  & Build an AdWords Advisor report here by entering your domain into the search bar.