Control the Message and Build your SEO Sales — The Recon Files Keyword Ranking Report

Starting now, you have complete control over the message created with Recon Files reports.  Whenever you do an SEO keyword search for your domain, think of SpyFu’s Keyword Ranking Report.  The whole report is built from your selected keywords.

Run different reports to track keywords that overlap in your PPC campaign, keywords that convert best, or even a keywords from a specific product line.  You will roll past any distractions that just aren’t relevant. Continue to amaze your clients with the value you created and the incredible opportunity ahead. 


When people started using the Recon Files SEO Domain Dashboard report, they loved how clearly these made the case for SEO amongst PPC-minded businesses.  SEO’s importance is clearer.  It’s easy to see how much value you created, and at the same time, it points to the best opportunities ahead. 

The only thing missing was control over the keywords in the report.  Now with the introduction of the Keyword Ranking Report, you get the clear value and opportunity—focused on the exact keywords that are most important at this very moment. 

Getting started:

  1. Head to the Recon Files main page and enter your domain into the field.
  2. Once you begin, select the “choose my own keywords” option (the Keyword Ranking Report) and follow the instructions from there.