Customized Reports: Add Your Own Commentary to Your Recon Reports

If these reports are about promoting your SEO value, who better to write the lead message?   We want to help you control the message, and adding your own commentary seems the simplest way to start.

Your customized summary—or reminder, or message—shows up on page 2 of the digital and printed versions of the Recon Files reports.  Along with uploading your own logo and branding your report, here is one more layer of personalization to make sure you’re delivering the message you want to send.

Customize Your SpyFu Recon Report

Look for the “customize the summary” option, and add your commentary along with your other customization updates.

Lead The Conversation

Think about what these reports do for you. This is more than just a summary. Here, you tell the story that keeps you in control of the process. Even with existing clients, you’re in sales mode:

You’re selling your expertise.

You’re selling SEO.

You’re selling the business-changing value they’ll reap if they can only be patient and stay focused on the high-return keywords you’ve targeted.

Maybe your message urges them to get ahead of the competition in an emerging market. It could be the highlights of what you say in the meeting so it stays top of mind. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn, too.

So what do you want to say about the domain’s last month performance?

“In line with this fiscal year’s new goals, we can report big leaps in the transportation category.”

“This is a strong finish to our micro-focus on the Dallas boutique hotel campaign. I’m excited to watch how the results hold in the coming months.”

“Let’s set this report aside as a bench-mark for our new hire.”

Or add a teaser when you hide some sections of the report.

“I have more details like this on traffic share gains that you’ll want to see. Let me know when is a good time next week to meet.”

Since they’re your own words, feel comfortable letting the report speak when you’re not there.  You can forward the link to the online PDF to your client, knowing that your commentary is a permanent part of the page.

Oh, and one more personal touch. Remind them that this is your work, your dedication, your results.

SpyFu Recon Report Cover

Add names to the cover page in the “personalize” section of the report customizer.

White Label and Customization

Recon Files reports come with the SpyFu Recon Files logo and a multi-tone blue theme. You can “white label” these reports and remove our logo in favor of yours. And like in this video: choose another look to brand your report.


Brand Your Report to Add Perceived Value

  • Add your client’s logo and your own, choose your theme/colors
  • They look like they are created completely in-house
  • Packaging = value perception
  • Tailor any report with your personal stamp