Cut past the fluff — what exactly does this company do?

You hear of a company name. Maybe a colleague mentioned them in a tweet, or you saw their name in an article. If their name doesn’t help explain it, how do you learn what they’re about? Sure, you could look up their website, but will that even come close to a clear explanation of what they do and who they are? Maybe not.

Company descriptions can be painful. They’re fighting for your interest, and they know they’ve got just a few precious words to do it before you click away. Unfortunately we end up seeing way too much of this.

Confusing company description with picture of a women with quote.

SpyFu President Mike Roberts admitted that he just stopped looking. “I got in the habit of pulling up companies in SpyFu. Their keywords tell me about their services, and their competitors help me see what kind of business they’re in.” It helps for those times he’s been pitched on the phone and needed quick answers.

I can find out more about them in just a few seconds than I ever could on their own website.

If Mike was using SpyFu this way, were more people doing the same? Even more, could we improve on the details for them?

That thinking helped inspire SpyFu Leads. We saw that there were many thousands of people visiting the site for quick domain searches and then they’re gone. Adding SpyFu Leads had a double role. It’s a source of insightful, targeted sales leads, but it also brings you up to speed on a domain’s industry, its size, and its competitors. In some cases, you can even tell if they are going as far as testing conversions on their site or running retargeting campaigns. Those kinds of details help you get a sense of how invested someone is in their traffic.

Whether it’s an inbound call, a tip you got from a friend, or another domain reaching out to you for a joint promo, you have a fast way to find out who they are. Jargon-free, we promise.