Easy Way to Start a New PPC Campaign


Finding profitable keywords to start a new PPC campaign has never been easier than with SpyFu Kombat.

Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Patrick from spyfu.com, and this is a video explaining how you can start a PPC campaign from scratch using my personal favorite tool on SpyFu, SpyFu Kombat.

Starting a campaign can be the most difficult part about having campaign, so we refined Kombat so you can get the best keywords with very little effort on your part.

To get started, simply type a domain into the search box.  For best results type in the domain of a direct competitor of yours who has a reasonably formidable online presence. So let’s say you’re a nationwide phone service.  Some of your biggest competitors might be Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, so I’m going to start with VerizonWireless.com

This is the domain overview for Verizon’s site, from here I’m just going to click on PPC Research and then Kombat.

SpyFu automatically fills in the competitors we think are the most relevant to VerizonWireless on the Adwords front.  But if you don’t care about, for example, CricketWireless you can always take it out and exchange it for a different competitor.  To compare these three, I’m going to click “fight”.

These circles represent the volume of keywords that each domain has shown up on in this previous year.  They’ll overlap when there are keywords that multiple domains have purchased.

So at a glance you can see that AT&T is doing a massive push in terms of ads whereas Verizon does the least.  It seems like Sprint is somewhere in the middle.  If we pop over to their organic keywords, it actually looks fairly similar, meaning AT&T is taking their online presence seriously overall.

Going back to PPC, if you hover over the sections to the right of the diagram, you’ll notice that different overlaps are highlighted.  These are the sections we feel are the most beneficial for your research.  When you’re first starting a campaign the most important section is “Core starting keywords”.

These are the keywords that all three domains buy in adwords, and when you can find keywords three of your top competitors are buying they’re probably a good bet for you.

If it was just one of your competitors buying that set of keywords you might be like, look those idiots over there.  If it’s two, you might think that they’re on to something.  But when three of your biggest competitors are spending money on one set of keywords, that’s a pretty strong indication that it’s a good bet.

We often get asked how these are organized by default.  Well there’s a basic principle in ad buying that we believe in.  Companies are willing to bet money on a keyword but if it’s an expensive keyword that isn’t converting or even a less expensive keyword that isn’t converting over a long period of time, they’ll probably drop it.  In other words, companies are willing to bet money on a keyword but they’re not willing to waste a lot of money for a long period of time.

So keywords that rise to the top by default are the ones we think are the best.  Because they are purchased often, and have been for a while.  Generally, they aren’t nickle and dime keywords, they’re the ones that are searched fairly often but that these domains still find worthwhile to buy in AdWords.

Of  course you can choose to organize this alphabetically or by cost per day or however you want, pretty much all 16,000 of these keywords hold promise.

The next step is getting them into your actual campaign.  I’m going to export all of these into excel.  With a SpyFu subscription you can export your heart out, you can even export those 200,000 keywords in the keyword universe.

Or you can pick and choose which keywords you want, and export those to a standard excel document or into a format that can be easily imported into adwords.  Once you have exported your keywords go to your google adwords account, start a new campaign or group, and then import the formated csv, or manually copy and paste them into your adwords account.

And blam.  You have created a brand new adwords campaign from scratch, using a set of keywords that are already proving successful in your industry.  This whole process can take a matter of minutes saving you hours or even days of work.

That’s how we roll here at SpyFu.  Super cool like, totally awesome (<– maybe don’t actually say this…).

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