Exclude Businesses that Don’t Fit

It’s exciting to get a slew of leads coming in at once. There are so many possibilities packed into row after row of new names to reach for B2B sales or partnerships. It’s exciting until you scroll past the same kinds of businesses that just don’t fit.

Sometimes, you have a really broad category you want to start with, and as you drill down, you notice there are a lot of different industries lumped together. You can sort out for budget or location, but you can’t seem to get rid of all those hospitals that have been lumped in with the universities. If only there was a filter for such a thing!

Fortunately, we thought of that. Once you view SpyFu Leads, you can filter your list. Along the left hand side, among all the other options, you’ll see a place called ‘Industry.’ From there, you can expand it and input any industry you do or don’t want to see.

Excluding sales leads via keywords

With this simple tool, you’ll be able to pare your leads matches down even further, to make sure you’re contacting businesses with the right fit for your services. You’ll also be weeding out the possibility of having to learn medical jargon, and who has time for all that Latin?
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