Promote Your Keywords with the Biggest Gains – SEO Dashboard Report Tour, Expanded Section

When you “View More” from the SEO Dashboard Report’s “Keywords with the Biggest Gains” section, you get additional details to help you promote the value you delivered:

SpyFu newly ranked organic pages showing SEO value and total clicks

This expanded section from earlier in the report allows you to dig into specific details so you can take action. We cap the list shown at 25 keywords that gained.

It includes the following items:

Additional keywords beyond the top tier.

  • Spot modest gains
  • Elaborate on the extent of your successes

Value per click

  • Grade the keyword’s weight
  • Evaluate how effective these gains are
  • Not available in the front-of-report roll-up

Value gained

  • A bottom-line view of the sum of your efforts
  • Calculates the keyword’s value with your clicks gained on it
  • Not available in the front-of-report roll-up

The history available to you helps sell the value of your services. When you correlate the point in time where you made notable changes, you can prove visually just how effective those changes were. This series of graphs (on’s biggest gains) works as a spectacular showing of just how extensive last month’s growth was. It truly is an example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.