Export and customize your SEO and PPC research

Capture all of your work in a PDF report.

You told us your shortcuts: The easy-to-read graphs and stats on the SpyFu overview pages make for good automatic recap reports. That’s why we’ve been updating the way you can export your SpyFu results into printable PDF reports.

With our newest update this week, exports will now capture all of your edits and filtered results into a customized report:

  • Remove our logo from your report.  This give you a simpler look that adapts well to your other custom reports.
  • Carry filtered results, selections, and additions into the PDF. Every keyword you chose is now in the final version of the exported report.

We’ve also just added the export button to URL page results.

Exporting PDF from the domain overview

Nearly every tab on SpyFu gives you a chance to export your findings to PDF. That is where your first options come in.

  • Pick the sections you want to include
  • Choose portrait or landscape layout.
Selecting your PDF options for exporting in SpyFu

Keep it clean/make it your own

SpyFu Members who have the Professional Plan can remove the SpyFu branding from the final version. Drop it into your presentations with no other logos or names, so the focus is on your research. This keeps a clean look on the page and all credit pointing your way.

How to get it:

It’s a single step. Once you click the “Export to PDF” button, you’ll get a few options.  Uncheck “include SpyFu Branding” before you click the final “Generate PDF” button.

Examples of SpyFu branded and non-branded monthly domain overview

Every filter and selection you chose makes the cut.

Choose competitors, keywords, and change selections. All of that is now loaded into the PDF.

This new PDF export isn’t just a copy of what first loaded on the page. It captures the edits you worked toward, keywords you filtered, and competitors you added. After all, this is a recap of your personal work, not just a SpyFu results page. That makes it a better, more personalized report that you can create for your clients and colleagues. (Or for your own records).

How to get it:

Make all of your changes first, and then export to PDF.


Export from the URL Page

Sometimes you need to zero in on a specific part of a domain. Maybe it’s a category like “amazingclubs.com/pizza” or a page like “blog.hubspot.com/marketing.”

SpyFu lets you search separate URL pages for that exact reason, so you can cut through all of the extra domain details you don’t need. Now, you can export the stats from your blog’s performance into a PDF report.

How to get it:

Search a URL using the SpyFu search bar (or find a URL results page inside a list of SpyFu results) and look for the Export PDF button in the upper right corner.

Find out more about which tabs offer PDF exports and how it works for your business. Head over to this article for more details.