Export Perfectly Focused Results – B2B Leads

There are countless (well, we started counting) ways to refine your B2B leads lists to your exact preferences. Adjust the minimum SEO clicks or require businesses to have Twitter accounts if you’re going to add them to your list. For every combination you choose, you have the ability to export your perfectly-focused results.

SpyFu export sales leads

We know that some people specialize in volume calling, so big relevant lists are the goal.  Others want to drill into the company’s details, taking the time to learn a little more about who they are before calling. That could be in the form of researching their keywords to see what’s most important to their business or doing prep work on how to pitch them. (Hint: reading up on the tech they use could show that you’re savvier than others who call them.)  Once you’re ready to dive into your contact list, you can export it to Excel where you can sort it further and start organizing your ideas.

Remember, the thing about SpyFu Leads is that you’re moving ahead toward customer discovery. When you know who the customer should be, you can get that information anywhere. The searchability that’s built in to SpyFu Leads shows you which customers are the most valuable ones to go after. Consider this approach: Show me the top Adwords spenders in the 85260 area code.

SpyFu Top Lists filtered by location or zip code

SpyFu Leads helps you build a pipeline of reliable contact information–including social media and email contacts in addition to traditional phone and address–along with helpful details you won’t find anywhere else. This isn’t just a company name and address list. This past year we started capturing social media pages in addition to the domain itself. Now, with more social media contacts in one place than LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and Hoovers combined, this helps you push past the old ways of reaching people.

You can find targeted leads based on information we’ve found about the size of the company, if it’s part of a bigger group, and the technologies they rely on.  All of these help you deliver a more relevant pitch.