Filter out unprofitable broad match hits

Start with Keyword SmartSearch: Operators and filters respond to your specific needs, giving you control to single out your keywords that competitors already avoided.

Details: Start with Keyword SmartSearch

1.  Enter your domain along with at least 2-3 other relevant competitors or more. For each domain, enter it using Include a (+) sign in front of your domain, and include a (-) sign in front of each competitor:
Entering keywords into SpyFu PPC
2.  Filter out any branded keywords. (Notice the * operator to help with variations of “papa” or “papajohns”)
Seaching within SpyFu PPC highlighting filtered keywords
3.  Run the search again, but this time exclude any known keywords that you don’t want to buy or match on.  Papa John’s sells pizza, but they aren’t relevant to pizza recipes.
 Searching within SpyFu PPC Highlighting filterd keyword by recipe
4.  Repeat step 3 with various keywords or conditions.  For example, let say you don’t want to bother sifting through potentially thousands of keywords that don’t cost much, so you set a Cost Per Day parameter.  We also removed “pizza” to cut through a lot of keywords we want to keep.
Searching by cost per day in SpyFu PPC
5.  Continue to remove irrelevant keywords (making note of what they are).
SpyFu PPC filter by keyword chicken
5. Double-check the search to make sure you aren’t excluding anything that you need. Here, we are requiring an excluded keyword just to single out the odd matches that we won’t want or need. (+domain +excluded keyword1)
SpyFu PPC keyword filter by pizza and chicken
6.  Take note of what you’ve covered. Address them in your Adwords manager.
Related keywords for the keyword chicken

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