Find the Adwords value of my organic traffic

Find the details in the Recon Files report’s Value of Organic Keywords per Month.
Start with SpyFu Main: see the value on a keyword-by-keyword basis. You can export to tally the values, too.

Details: Run a Recon Files Domain Dashboard report.

1.       From the Recon Files tab, create a report on your own domain.
Creating a recon report
2.       Inside the report, head to the Value of Organic Clicks per Month section around page 4. (The actual page can vary per report), or look for it in the navigation menu in the PDF format.
Value of organic clicks per month data on the SpyFu recon report
3.       This tracks historic changes to the campaign’s organic value and describes the comparable value of buying those clicks via PPC dollars.

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Details: Start with SpyFu Main

1.   Enter your domain into the SpyFu Main search bar.

2.  On the domain results page, there are two sections that will help:

3. First, look at the chart that shows the recent Daily SEO Organic Value and how it has adjusted over the past months.

Chart showing SEO improvement using SpyFu

4. Or second, scroll down to the SEO Keywords tab and click.

Once the interactive grid opens, find the column for “Estimated Click Value per Month.” This value is comparable to what an advertiser would need to pay for that keyword in AdWords.

SpyFu organic keywords showing the estimated click value per month

At the bottom, we show you a  subtotal for the value of the keywords shown on the page. When you filter to get a new set of keywords from the same domain, you’ll get an updated subtotal for the value from those keywords.


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